I’m a virgin and I don’t care anymore

So, let’s talk about sex

Jeremy Irons was at a ‘Constellations’ performance last week

The Golden Globe winning actor made an appearance at last week’s O’Riley production

Jailbreakers reach Johannesburg, 60 miles shy of Oxford record

They have until 8pm today to beat the current record of Tokyo

Benedict Cumberbatch and Emma Watson have joined LMH

They’re two of 11 new visiting fellows

Do you know Oxford’s edgiest undergrad?

Do you even bucket hat though

Clubbers of the week

Are you getting fresh with me?

Oxford is officially harder to get into than Cambridge

You’re twice as likely to get into Cambridge’s most competitive courses

Chemistry department leak prelims results, again

The university has been accused of ‘serious incompetence’

Money decides Rhodes won’t fall

£1.5m worth of donations to Oriel College have allegedly been cancelled already

Posh kids can’t queue

Feeding the Oxford stereotype one prick at a time 

Grime & Punishment queues fill Cellar alleyway to ‘dangerous’ level

The ISIS apologised for the lack of crowd control at last night’s event

Wahoo DJ to become honorary member of Oxford University

He’ll have full access to St. Peter’s JCR facilities

Somerville should have been your first choice

Yes you can go on the grass whenever you like