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Former UEA lecturer facing child porn charges disappears from court

He disappeared just before the jury found him guilty of all charges

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Is sexual harassment happening more because of heavy drinking?

We found out what you really think

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Unhinged swan attacks third years on campus

Even a glass of champers couldn’t calm it down

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Campus style: Freshers’ Week

It’s been a week of hangovers, but you still look fit

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Disabled students denied parking at SportsPark

They now have to park four times further away

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Sombreros banned from Freshers’ Fair

Apparently they’re cultural appropriation

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Thomas Rees: Where is he now?

UEA’s favourite fresher tells all

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Cyclist in hospital after Earlham Road crash

Paramedics treated the victim outside St Thomas Church

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UEA student speaks about her sexual assault

Eleanor hopes her confession will inspire others

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Even more wonderful: UEA is in the top 250 unis in the world

Looks like those deadly concrete steps aren’t the only thing we’re climbing

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‘Brutal’ UEA Architecture set for National Trust tour

UEA-G-L-Y, you ain’t got no alibi

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Union left red faced over ‘fat-shaming’ tweet

They were just trying to get people to join the gym

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UEA dramatists have started their own theatre company

The Fringe doesn’t know what’s hit it

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Night bus saved after UEA campaign

Thousands sign petition to save the number 25

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UEA building has starring role in Marvel’s Ant-Man

The Sainsbury Centre is the Avengers’ new hangout