The best of the internet’s reactions to Gradugate

‘I want my graduation cap to hit me in the eye so I don’t have to witness another stupid ban’

There’s a scam email circulating which offers UEA students ‘free grants’

It says students are chosen based on ‘financial circumstance and academic performance’


UEA releases ‘pass agg’ statement on Gradugate

They just ‘don’t think doing it in groups of 250 students is sensible’

Gradugate prompted by US exchange student ‘sent to A&E’ after being hit by mortarboard last year

Union is ‘not one hundred percent convinced’ the ban is necessary

UEA bans hat-throwing at graduation, declaring it an ‘unacceptable risk’

Don’t worry though, you can have one photoshopped on

Law finalists instructed to ‘mime’ throwing their hats in graduation photo

Apparently it’s ‘safer’ as well as ‘great fun’

How many of the ‘five Ls’ have you done?

If you don’t know what this means then you shouldn’t be at UEA

Short hair isn’t all it’s hyped up to be

You don’t truly appreciate the beauty of a ponytail until your hair is too short for one

Everything you’ll miss about UEA when you graduate

Try to make it through this without crying

UEA has made major breakthroughs in dementia care

The research could improve life for thousands of people

Norwich is the FOURTH FRIENDLIEST place in the UK

We’re much friendlier than Worcester