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Christmas Markets evacuated and shut off by police

There was a security scare

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CCTV footage released of a key witness after a student was raped in Fallowfield

Police are appealing for anyone with information to come forward

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Because he’s worth it: UCL finalist bags dream job at L’Oréal

He devoured fish and chips with the company’s top dog

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There is an anti-animal testing protest outside Stopford

They’re protesting the alleged activity on the top floor

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We caught up with ex-Manchester lecturer and blogging sensation Inthefrow

She said it was her hair that made her stand out

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Introducing Ben Tither, Manchester’s bachelor of the month

His ideal date location is New Zeland Wines

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Best of Manchester’s Yik Yak


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Documentary released about the Paris vigil in Piccadilly Gardens

People gathered in the city centre to show solidarity

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Brian Cox got the E = mc² equation wrong in a first year lecture

Exclusive: He refused to believe he was wrong and posted a photo of himself drinking the night before

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Are mid term blues a thing?

Too many deadlines