One of them was in Fallowfield

Greater Manchester Police believe that one taxi driver is responsible for three rapes.

GMP claim that the taxi driver, described as Asian, in his 30’s possibly wearing glasses and having short dark hair, raped three women aged 18, 23 and 28 in Fallowfield, Prestwich and Whitefield between 16th and 19th July.

The first account of rape took place at 5.15am in Fallowfield on 16th July after a 28-year-old woman got in the offender’s car at Piccadilly Gardens.


The first assault took place on Wilmslow Road in Fallowfield

He proceeded to sexually assault the woman after stopping the car near Wilmslow Road.

Following this, on Saturday 18th July at 3am an 18-year-old got into a car near to 42nd Street. The brutal assault took place when she was driven to the Prestwich area.

The day after, at around 2.45am, a 23-year-old woman got into the car, believed to be a silver Mercedes on Peter Street in the city centre.

Similarly to the previous attacks, the driver drove off with the passenger inside. He drove towards Whitefield where he stopped the car and raped the 23-year-old.

The second assault happened after a woman got into a taxi on Peters Street

The second assault happened after a woman got into a taxi on Peters Street

Talking about the harrowing incidents, Detective Sergeant Mark Astbury said: “We are working to establish whether all three incidents are connected or not but clearly this is a worrying set of circumstances.

“In all three incidents, the victims have been led to believe they are getting into a genuine taxi before they have been sexually assaulted. I would ask anyone who may have been approached or been a victim to call us as soon as possible.

“Please ensure you use licensed taxi companies by either pre-booking or going to a designated taxi rank.

“Stay together on a night out, and never get into an unknown car without checking it is a licensed taxi first. If you are unsure, go to a taxi rank, particularly if you are on your own.”

Anyone with information should phone police at the City Centre on 0161 856 3221 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.



  • BestSongEver

  • bobby

    I like how she tries to justify her racist comment by trying to bullshit people with “but but white people are in position of power!!!!”. She is assuming that because people in power are white, therefore they will defend the interests of every white person. That’s a logical fallacy. Rich powerful white CEO couldn’t care less about the white labour workers. Faats, grow the fuck out of your pathetic victim complex.

    • Didn’t come from reddit

      I assume you’re up your own ass because you said ‘That’s a logical fallacy.’ Just saying.

      • bobby

        it’s a term you learn in high school philosophy class, cheers.

  • Ally Burr

    I think the worst part of the whole thing is the fact that, despite her numerous responses, not ONCE did she apologise for the initial, disgusting, remark.

    • Anon

      And in her recent “statement” about the situation on her campaign page – still no acknowledgement there was any problem with saying “fuck you white person.”

  • EdinburghUniStudent2013

    Ines is absolutely right, disgusting double standards from an elected EUSA representative (not for long). How can she stand for office with this filth on her record? No place in the university for this brand of extreme bigotry.

    Fucking outrageous.

  • Scotland2015


    • Everything

      so not only racism but also misandry…

  • Adam Bushnell

  • FaatimaFanClub

    Faatima, more like Fatima! HAHAHAHAHAHAH no but seriously Faatima you’re a racist pig.

  • HighlandRealist

    She is a racist, she’s using the same thought processes as any racist with the same emotions as racists. Personally I am not a PC socialist so I think it is perfectly human to have bigotries, I’ll admit to having loads to be honest with you. That said she is a total moron for using social media to spread these views, so stupid unless you are some peasant ages 65 reposting Britain First posts. If you are dense enough to let your prejudice spill out onto public forums under your name for eternity you are too dense to be president of anything anyway.

  • Punchin’

    “Punching up” apparently. It’s all the rage in the LGBT community: “Fuck straight people” with the caveat that “you can’t be offended as a cis person because you come from a position of societal privilege and I’m just venting my frustration at being oppressed.” How about not being a dickhead?

    • Anon

      I’m gay and I totally agree with you! Some within the community just need to stand back and have a fucking laugh every now and then.

  • Neil Cormack

    A petition asking for Faatima to stand down from the election has started. Please take a couple of seconds to sign it if you agree that there should be consequences for her actions:

  • lololol

    Love how everyone’s focusing on the stupid comment but not on the original, far more offensive post. A status shared by a law student obviously in relation to the reaction to the students from the same class/subject who thought blacking up as somali pirates was a hilarious and appropriate costume idea….

    • Did you read the article?

      That had positively nothing to do with it. The girl who posted is half-arab herself and was petitioning the EUSA guidelines on Halloween costumes.

    • I think you’re confused….

      People aren’t focusing on that comment because she’s not running for EUSA president. Someone who is meant to be working against racism in the University has made a blatantly racist comment. That’s why people are focusing on that comment.

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    • Angus

      What are you saying? All I see is Ines being right about 2 matters.

    • Jack

      Yeah there’s nothing I can disagree with in that post. I’m all for being confident in your body, but we should by no means be encouraging such unhealthy weights.

    • TruthHurts

      1. Obesity is a killer, I have just finished writing an essay about inflammation of the hypothalamus that is triggered by being obese. We shouldn’t demean fat people but IT IS NOT HEALTHY

      2. The overwhelming majority of men find very obese women very unattractive. This is a fact and disputing this is about as much point as disputing the fact that we die

      3. F88K this PC society where people don’t want to hear honesty and want to live in a little bubble. In 50 years time the Chinese and Arabs who don’t give a f88k about this will just walk into Europe because the liberals will have branded military forces as “a tool of white cisscum aggression”

    • Guest

      happiness > health > beauty

      • rhifskxlc

        (happiness = health)>beauty
        also note that both lady gaga and albi are both heathly weighted beautiful people…

  • Angus

    Anyone who believes in white privilege shouldn’t be allowed to run.

  • ContextIsEverything
    • Teabag

      Because a song from a cartoon is the same as “fuck you white person”

      • Edgar Friendly

        You can almost feel the autism in their post, can’t you?

  • Anon

    This girl went to my school, which was a private school. How ironic that she’s demanding people to check their privilege when she is most likely the most privileged person in the conversation.

    • Sebine

      That’s how privilege works.

      Silver-spoon high-born RETARDED FUCKS tell everyone else how oppressed they are.

      • Sarah

        Indeed. She seems to care more about appeasing her overinflated ego by banning anything remotely phallic shaped than actually giving a damn about the places where women are REALLY abused, such as the Arabic world. But of course she’ll turn the other way because she’s both a muslim and because it’s racist to call out misogynists in Saudi Arabia. Little toff that she is.

  • Anon

    I’d love to hear more from Faatima about the crushing oppression she must face as the privately-educated daughter of a doctor.

  • Lucy

    To cut a long story short: Faatima says fuck you to equality and humility, and yes please to double standards

  • LoseyGosey

    Don’t be mad at this student. Be mad at the professors who taught them to think this way. They are encouraged to act in this manner. They are told racism doesn’t matter the person is white. The views faatima espoused are just a parrot of what was taught. This is sociology 101 in action. Go to any gender studies class and you will see the same garbage being taught. Its politically motivated and intellectually bankrupt.

  • wealth doesn’t insulate you from racism/prejudice.

  • FaatimaHatesWhitePeople

    It isn’t the first time she’s posted hatred about white people:

    • lol

      no one actually thinks she’s racist, keep up.

      • FaatimaIsRacist

        Actually, the petition has gathered over 300 signatures. So yes, clearly people DO think she’s racist.

  • David Pugh

  • Mads

    Repeat after me: there is no such thing as reverse-racism.

    • EqualityIsForEveryone

      Correct. “Reverse” implies racism only goes in one direction. Judging anybody based on the colour of their skin is racist.