Fatboy Slim has confirmed he will be playing at Warehouse Project

Tickets go on sale this week

UoM gave a whole course a graduation certificate with a spelling mistake


All I want for Christmas is poo: Oak House has a serial shitter


Manchester is officially the second most matched city on dating apps

I mean, have you seen us?

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It’s Chriiiistmaaaaaaas

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Let the battle commence

Font are giving away free prosecco all day today

It’s Fridaaaaaaaay

A Manchester student has started a petition to house homeless people in university halls over Christmas

It’s going to be the coldest winter since 2010

Yorkshire Pudding burgers have landed in Manchester

You can buy one for £8 from Joshua Brooks

Love for the Streets are holding an LGBTQ+ and women in homelessness conference tomorrow

They’re two groups who are often neglected when addressing homelessness

An MMU graduate has been jailed for possessing child porn

Some of the children were as young as six

Don’t use my tuition fees to fund the fossil fuel industry

I just want to get my degree without supporting the destruction of the planet, is that too much to ask?

What’s on in Manchester this week: live music edition

Clubbing is overrated

An Oak House flat has been evacuated after it was flooded with poo

Residents are describing it as a ‘poonami’

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Vote for Manchester’s most eligible bachelor: heat one

Doin’ it for the boooooys

This MMU student has started a Go Fund Me page after his teeth were knocked out in a mugging

The student was attacked in Withington