Goodnight sweet prince

Arena is shutting down to undergo a huge refurbishment.

The shock closure will make way for a brand new nightclub to hit the Exeter scene.


The home of great memories

This devastating news will no doubt be a slap in the face to loyal Arena fans, much like the overpowering smell and VK-drenched carpet which will surely be missed.

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The Facebook page, which has over 17,000 likes, revealed yesterday its days were numbered.

For some the closure of the venue, which was home to an array of popular events such as Dirty Sexy People and Cheesy Tuesday’s, has proved too much to handle.

Second year Biologist Katie Dungrove said: “This is the worst news I could possibly receive over the summer holidays.

“Arena has always held a special place in my heart and I genuinely can’t imagine life at Exeter without it.”

Similarly, Dilly Smith a third year Medic was also distraught after hearing the news – “I had been to every single Cheesy Tuesday since Freshers Week and I feel angry this is happening.

“If it turns into a massive mainstream club, there will be riots for sure.”


For locals and other revellers who are still in Ex over the summer the “end of an era” closing party will take place on Saturday 8th of August to say farewell to the best loved club in the South West.

The news comes just over a year after Exeter institution Cellar Door shut its doors for good.

With the hope of the replacement club being opened in time for September, we can only reminisce about our Arena memories.

Manager Leanne Goddard said: “Arena is having a refurbishment, not closing for good. We’ll be open again in time for freshers.

“All the same great student nights will still be going ahead, including Cheesy Tuesdays.

“Any tickets that have already been purchased for freshers events will still be valid.”


  • Hire me, I can do a better job

    “… it’s days were numbered”

    Get a new proofreader, amateurs.

  • Karl Pilkington

    “I have been to every single cheesey tuesday since freshers week”

    Thats some serious bullshit coming from a medic