This week’s YikYak: What’s trending

‘Procrastibaking’, library wars and exam delirium

BNOC of the year: It’s time for you to nominate

They’ve got to be in it to win it

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Music for every moment

Spotify are throwing a secret party and you could be going

2016's up-and-coming artists will be there

Everything you should stop saying to Psychology students

No I don’t want to read your mind thank you.

Everyone should experience life at a rural state school

It’s nothing like being in the Famous Five

Five reasons not to miss clubbing during exams

When you see the club photos, not being able to go out during exam season is unequivocally insufferable.

Best places to cry on campus

Sob your way to a 2:1

Protect Erasmus, say pro EU students

“If there is a vote to leave, the opportunity to study abroad may be taken from us.”

What to wear to every club in Exeter

Try not to get the dress code wrong, yeah?

The struggles of being left-handed

It’s a right-handed world…

Quiz: Which Exeter fashion gal are you?

Warning: This quiz may contain stereotypes

How hard can the London Marathon be?

We caught up with the 2016 RAG president, Peter Gillibrand, as he prepares for his latest mammoth challenge

Being a socialist at a tory university isn’t easy

I’m more than a ‘loony leftie’

Exeter finalist is campaigning to leave the NUS

It’s just a far left echo chamber

Question Time is coming to Exeter tonight

The line up has been announced