Forum hill will be a ski slope tomorrow

48 tonnes of snow is being brought in

The Great British Bake Off is looking for Exeter applicants

The deadline is Sunday

‘He was really calm and there was no struggle’: A fresher witnessed the Sunday night arrest

They drove past the scene on their way home

Man charged with attempted murder after Sunday night’s stabbing

The victim is in a stable condition in hospital

Last night’s stabbing in Exeter: How the events unfolded

A ‘very dangerous man’ was apprehended by Devon police just before midnight

Stabbing update: incident labelled as “domestic”

“public not at risk”

Get your sledges ready for Forum Hill, apparently snow is on the way tomorrow

A lovely post-exam treat

Third year Physics paper contained ‘illegible misprints and formatting errors’

It was reprinted and they were given a mere extra 15 minutes

Man sentenced with GBH after fracturing Exeter student’s skull

It happened outside Unit 1 this summer

What I learnt when I went to the Jungle refugee camp in Calais

No matter where you go and who you meet, everyone just wants their loved ones to be safe and secure

71 per cent of Exeter students who took the ‘Stress Scale’ were dangerously stressed

‘Mummy my ‘ready and ripe’ avocado is neither ready, nor ripe – I’ve had enough, I’m dropping out’

Everything you need to know about Semi-Toned’s winning performance on ‘The Choir’

‘It is such an honour’


This is the best news of 2016

We caught up with Semi-Toned about how things have changed since The Choir

Have they turned into mini Kanyes?

Semi-Toned are through to THE FINALS of BBC’s ‘The Choir’

Making Exeter proud