Life is too short for Dry January

Dry January is shit. Yes I may be marginally richer, but I like alcohol, and I’m not afraid to admit it.

A day in the life of a BNOC

Bask in the sunlight of Cambridge’s most self-fulfilling prophecy.

JOSEPH SPENCER, WEEK 1: Why stop at Rhodes?

Cambridge is littered with suspect statues, portraits, and memorials

Is the modern woman really free to explore her sexuality?

It’s more than okay to be a girl and have casual sex with different people

Who is Cambridge’s BIGGEST BNOC?

We need your help, cherished readers.

“If we can’t talk about climate change now when the hell can we talk about it?”: Talking to Cambridge’s Green Party candidate

Extreme flooding and actual bananas found growing in Pembroke college gardens. It’s a perfect time for us to do what we do best. Talk about the weather.

Why Cambridge should care about streetwear

FRANCESCO LOY BELL explores the unlikely genius behind streetwear’s biggest brand

How to survive Varsity: A Fresher’s Guide

Amongst other things, living with the Other Place for a week really did evince some well-worn stereotypes

The New Year resolutions all Cambridge students should stick to in 2016

FRASER NEWGREEEN tells you how you can make 2016 the year you change

Pens at the Ready: The Makes You Proud to be a Cambridge Student Christmas Quiz

Spanking porters, blow-up sex dolls, corrupt Volkswagen engineers and decapitated rubber ducks … It’s time to test yourself on the best that the world’s second best university had to offer this term.

#ThrowbackThursday: Friends as your ultimate vacation style guide

ANNA WHITE picks out the most revamped outfits in contemporary fashion from hit comedy series

and and

LIVE BLOG: The Varsity Matches 2015

History’s being made today: The Tab is in the Cambridge stand to bring you all the action from on and off the pitch

Why do girls love calling each other sluts?

The week 8 ADC late show Girls Like That follows a group of girls and explores the toxic, social-media dominated world we grow up in.

Guys, are we really helping our female friends?

She was in Leeds, I was in Cambridge, 150 miles away. She messaged me as she was harassed and groped by an unknown but persistant stranger. There was nothing I could do.

Has a Caius student written this year’s Christmas number one?

This tune will warm the cockles of your over-worked heart