Cambridge – Is it all worth it?

The question we all come to ask ourselves

A Mathmo tries being an arts student

An insight into how the other half live

Why Lent Term is the worst

Spoiler: it was reLENTless

Tab Tries: Navigating the UL

Just because the UL looks like a glorified dick doesn’t mean it has to act like one

LIVEBLOG: RAG Jailbreak 2k17

36 Hour coverage of Cantabs fleeing the bridge for charity

TAB TRIES: 24 hours in the library

Not the investigative journalism you asked for, but definitely the investigative journalism you deserve

Meet the Jailbreak 2017 teams (and bet on them too!)

You can win a Garden Party ticket and the money goes to charity

Tab Tries: hanging out with Jeremy Corbyn

There were a lot of cardigans

What to do if you think you’re failing your degree

Real or imagined- this fear strikes us all

Everything you could buy with the Vice-Chancellor’s salary

The new Vice-Chancellor is predicted to have a salary of £400k-£450k

What to do when someone’s obsessed with you

It’s sad, really.

A guide to facetiming your parents from Cambridge

Explaining how an iPhone works to your parents is so much more fun through an intermittent and blurred conversation

Which Peep Show character is your college?

Tell you what, that crack is really moreish

Best places to have a breakdown in Cambridge

Cry, cry and cry some more

Why Catz is actually the most relevant college

Everybody loves an undercat

So just how busy are we really?

Eat, sleep, procrastinate, repeat…

How to make people think you’ve got your shit together

Why make it when you can fake it?

Everything you’d do if Cambridge had a Reading Week

Imagine going to a university that didn’t treat you as an essay-writing robot

Cambridge’s worst dating stories

Is your love life this much of a train wreck?


Yeah, this thing again