Tab Top Ten: Date Spots

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we bring you Cambridge’s bestest hangouts for the perfect romantic date.

Let’s talk about cancer.

Cancer is real, and it’s time to stop victimising those affected.

Cambridge BNOCs give advice for RAG Blind Dates

Take it or leave it, you’re only soothing their egos

TOP TEN REVEALED: The Biggest Names in Cambridge, as chosen by YOU

This year’s winner – a self-described “terrible person” – is a SHOCKER.

Emma Watson’s feminist book club: empowering or elitist?

The Tab Lifestyle Long Read: Feminism is for everyone, but this book club isn’t and it’s time to stop pretending otherwise.


Their name game is better than yours.

Reflections of a Second Year in Denial

Two years in and still leaving everything to the last minute, maybe next year things will look up (probably not)

In defence of not going to lectures

It’s not because I’m lazy.

The RISKIEST places to have sex in Cambridge

Weirdly, there’s a lot of bridges

Actually, Week Two is the worst Cambridge week.

Taking down the Week Five myth, one day procrastinated away at a time.

How to become a BNOC

This is 100% pure spite.

Which Star Wars character is your college?

May the force be with you

An open letter to Cambridge colleges from a basic bitch

Cambridge is killing us basic bitches, and our Instagram followers are not impressed


REVIEW: Inside MedSoc’s Crystal Ball

This year’s MedSoc Ball was all about the fortune teller.


The Week Ahead: Trojan Barbie, Alice and Toddla T

Ever wonder what cultural events are going on in Cambridge? Look no further, as we highlight Cambridge’s hottest venues

I feel like a cynical old man at the age of 19

I’m one knee blanket and a cough syrup away from starring in the Benjamin Button sequel.

Because arts students have it hard too.

It’s not easy being keen (about humanities)