GEORGINA WONG picks out the most inventive outfits seen at one of the biggest highlights of May Week

Glitch. It was a theme that confused, bemused, and ultimately allowed partygoers at King’s Affair to interpret however they wished. Here are some of the best outfits of the evening (photographed by Anthony Rubinstein):

Tinder screen: this outfit is pure gold. I’d definitely swipe right.


Rubix cube: We may not be able to see the rest of her outfit, but this partygoer gets a solid 10/10 for her headgear.


Bunch of grapes: this attendee’s outfit is fun and statement-making. I’m also impressed that she managed to manoeuvre around a 9 hour-long party covered in a layer of balloons.


Romans: they came, they saw, they conquered. 



Wifi: a round of applause for this inventive and brilliant outfit.


Mario and Luigi: a popular fancy-dress option, and one that’s been executed perfectly here.



Virgin Marys: this duo’s headgear is everything you would expect to see at King’s Affair, plus more. Also…Doritos? Big fan.