Rousing big up of snorting, shagging Lord

Bristol’s worst ever graduate launched a passionate defence of Lord Sewel and lambasted hypocritical parliamentarians in the process. 

In conversation with The Spectator, Lembo said Sewel ought to be commended for stepping down:


He’s a good sport tbf

“He’s got to be respected for this. People need to lay off him now.  He’s done exactly what people wanted him to do.”

In fact, Lembit reckons there’s still hope for the coke Lord, claiming he’s in the perfect position to launch a new career cleaning up the shrouded world of Westminster politics.

“He could grasp the mettle and say ‘Okay, I was hypocritical in talking about standards in one way and behaving a different way, but I recognise that’s because our society is hypocritical and Parliament is hypocritical’.  If he did that, his experience could be a catalyst for change.  After all, he has had to resign because he was caught.”

Lembo, 50, who is famous for dating one of the Cheeky Girls, also took aim at the hypocrisy of MP’s who have dared to criticise Sewel:

“If every member of the Commons, for example, who’s taken illegal substances had to resign – whether or not they were caught – there’d be a massive number of resignations straight away, even in the Cabinet.”

“What he’s been accused of may be personal and embarrassing, but it’s not actually illegal.”

Öpik, the former Lib Dem spokesman on housing, was unveiled as Bristol’s worst ever grad in a glitzy Westminster ceremony back in November 2013, after an extensive Tab poll.


Judy didn’t stand a chance


He comfortably beat A-bomb boffin and Soviet spy Klaus Fuchs and Your Beautiful noise polluter James Blunt to the coveted prize.