Falling in love with people, not deep house

Bristol is the second best place for undergrads to find love in England, according to a new study by the University of Surrey.

Placing joint second with Liverpool, it seems there’s more to Bristol than taking pingers in Motion and falling in love with Dusky and Four Tet.

The study, looking at the love lives of over 1,000 graduates found that on average, 36 per cent had found their husband, wife or partner whilst completing their degree. For graduates from Bristol, this was found to be a palpitation inducing 10 per cent higher than the national average, at 46 per cent.

It seems Bristol is not the only place where love is in the air. Cambridge, Norwich, Durham, London, Oxford and Birmingham all scrape into the top ten like a lusted after Tinder match.

Loved up

Another happy Brizzle couple

Nick, a Southampton fresher said: “I’d quite like the results to include my future university because my furious right swiping tinder usage… It’s getting desperate”

Ed, a second year Cambridge historian, said: “I don’t think uni is the best place to find love, Iwas already besotted before I got to Cambridge. I don’t see what makes Bristol so special.”

Despite these anomalies, this news won’t surprise those who find themselves surrounded by relationships. Dave, a second year Economics and Politics student currently in a relationship said he was “not surprised at all” at the findings. Let’s hope his girlfriend feels the same way.

Either way, it seems that the cliche of meeting the person you later marry, or spend the rest of your life with, at university is still alive and strong. It doesn’t have to badly, although 42 per cent of marriages end in divorce according to the Office of National Statistics.