Two of your five SUBU officers have been announced

The others are yet to be confirmed due to ‘uncontrollable circumstances’

BU student involved in ‘chemical incident’ died of carbon monoxide poisoning

Jennifer left notes around her room warning of poisonous gas

Police are hunting a six foot naked man with ‘prominent cheeks’

He was seen standing still in a cycle path saying nothing

BU’s Hospitality and Leisure Management course has ranked second overall in the UK

And 16th in the world

This weekend’s ‘bomb scare’ was caused by a piece of rubbish

The beach was cordoned off for three hours

The BU Vice-Chancellor has taken a 20 per cent pay rise to £305,000

Treat yo self

The BH2 leisure complex has finally opened its doors

Everyone stay calm, but there’s a Nando’s

Stormzy is coming to Bournemouth

Shut up

BU hopeful caught with thousands of pounds worth of cannabis

He is an aspiring footballer who wants to study in Bournemouth

Bournemouth has got involved in the protests against Donald Trump’s travel ban

There was a protest at 5pm today

Another BU exam has been cancelled after ‘running out of paper’ to print it

There was a stationary shop next door to the exam hall

Chicken and Blues Winton forced to close after a ‘substantial robbery’

How could they?

We spoke to students who saw last week’s ‘chemical incident’ from their windows

The investigation still continues

A female student has died in Bournemouth halls following a ‘chemical incident’

‘Our house was cordoned in, we had no idea what was going on’

Bournemouth I’m sorry: People don’t like us shopping in our PJs

I’m two seconds from Lidl and I just need milk. What’s the big deal?

Bournemouth is the sixth least affordable place for graduates in the UK

London topped the charts in new findings

Bournemouth is lighting the town red to support sex workers

The pier will be lit up for International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

So not Sick: Ne-Yo postpones Bournemouth tour dates

After being voted as one of the top ten universities for R&B lovers, how could he do this to us?