Your guide to napping on campus between classes

So you don’t have to walk all the way back to South Campus

Well, Tar Heels, it’s that time of year again. It’s midterm season and you’re running low on sleep. This means you have to make up for all those sleepless nights with daily naps. (Wait, you mean napping daily isn’t a normal thing? Oh.)

I’m bringing you good news, though: Today is the last day you’ll ever have to go back to your room to nap, because I’m giving you a comprehensive guide to the best places to nap on campus.

If you haven’t gone to Graham Memorial Hall, you should. It has a quiet lounge on the first floor that’s great for studying, but what’s more important is that this lounge is also a phenomenal napping location. It’s the jackpot of all napping spots – from the leather couches to the dim lighting to the air just cool enough for a large sweatshirt or blanket, it’s hard to find a place that has this many benefits.

The Quad is a great way to get your Vitamin D, nap and hang out with friends, all without moving a muscle. Just bring a picnic blanket and some sunglasses, and the sun’s warmth will put you to sleep in seconds. I would know.

Davis Library is my home away from home. In fact, I spend more time in Davis than I do at my own home. It’s kind of sad. Because it’s home to me, I’ve been able to scope out my ideal napping spots. The first floor of the building has chairs that face ceiling-to-floor windows. I invite you to plop yourself down in one of these chairs, steal the nearest ottoman and have a snooze in the afternoon sun rays.

The Student Union is in some ways an undiscovered gem for napping. Most of you, no matter how ashamed you might be, have napped in the Meditation Room in the Underground. But there are so many more places to get some rest. The gallery benches are practically begging you to sleep on them – who could say no to a squishy bench that’s longer than the length of your body?

The Union has great spaces for naps upstairs in the annex. The Class of 2000 lounge has a couch and many of the study rooms also have couches, so do yourself a favor and go explore it. And what’s even more exciting is you can pull an all-nighter in the annex. Just swipe your OneCard after hours to get in, and nap until your heart is content.

I’m sure you’ve already napped in the UL. If you’re like me, when you’re there after 2am, you head straight down to the basement and grab one of those booths. They’re perfect to put your feet in one chair and your torso in the other. There are also benches there that must have been created just for sleeping. Go down, look around and pick a spot to sleep in after you get back from your 8am.

And honestly, if you get tired enough, your lecture hall desk can become a great place to get some shut-eye. Learn the art of making a pillow out of your arms, it’s one of the most useful pieces of knowledge you’ll learn in college.