The best of finals week Yik Yaks

‘I got 99 problems and got 5 correct’

Another finals season is nearing its end, Tar Heels. Here’s a collection of the funniest Yik Yak posts from UNC’s finals week.

When procrastination starts to set in and your exam preparation suffers for it.

image8 (1)

When the Google Doc gets a little heated and it’s suddenly everyone for themselves.

image1 (6)

When you’re sitting in the group study session and everyone is just as lost as you are.


It’s mid-finals week and the emotions start running high.

image1 (7)

When finals bring out your political side…

image9 (1)

When you’ve been watching Game of Thrones instead of studying…

image14 (1)

The dreaded exam finally arrives. You remember what Jay-Z once said, but you remember it a bit differently.

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When you’re hoping that the ’72 hour rule’ is just some distant rumor you’ve heard. Surely your professor will post grades in a timely fashion. Why not check constantly to make sure? We need answers.

image15 (1)

When you’re in the┬ástage of bargaining and regret looking back at all the mistakes you have made…

image2 (5)

Good luck on the rest of your finals, Tar Heels. Finish strong and enjoy your summer break.