We talked to the first person in line for the Duke game

Senior Abby Miller may actually be the luckiest girl in the world right now

When Phase 1 ticket holders lined up for the Duke game this morning, they could only hope they’d be lucky enough to get a seat close to the court. But when senior Abby Miller got in line with friends Kira and Becky, she had no idea just how lucky she’d be.

“Well, we got here at 12.50pm and got in line. So of the 500 people in Phase 1, we were probably like 400th. At 1pm, they did the randomization and we started watching the sad people walk to the back.

“Then we heard someone shout a number and a few people behind us started yelling again. They yelled the number again…43929.”

Abby’s wristband was number 43929, putting her first in line for risers at the game.

“I looked down and had to do like five takes and started screaming. My two friends were right behind me, so it was perfect.”

“This might be the happiest and most excited I have ever been.”

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