The Tab is launching at UNC

From Carolina blue to Tab red

The Tab is a news site for UNC students, by UNC students – and we have arrived on campus.

We cover everything from breaking news (did Cobb catch on fire again?), to stories on local legends, like our beloved Gary Birdsong, to sports stories about our basketball team dominating d00k once again.

Our pieces are relatable to UNC students – we all have our stories from the P2P – and we pride ourselves on providing reliable, engaging stories.

We aim to do original reporting, which means we often get exclusive access to UNC’s best events, whether it be a theme party or a celebrity on campus.

We will be publishing daily, from today. Please like our Facebook page, and invite your friends.

Sign up to join our team here, and remember, it’s always a GDTBATH and GTHD.

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