Why YOU should join The Tab UMass this semester

I promise you won’t regret it

Do you enjoy writing? Do you love UMass? Do you have a sense of humor? If so, The Tab is calling your name!

The Tab UMass has thousands of readers each month and we’re just getting started. 

November, 2015

Join the team now to share your thoughts in a new way, and to experience the rush of seeing the number of readers climb and break new records.

I joined The Tab last fall after hearing about it from a friend. I was already part of another editorial on campus so I was hesitant to put more on my plate. After much debating and an impulse decision, I joined The Tab and it turned out to be one of the best things I have done this year.

I have found The Tab to be one of the most welcoming, outgoing and friendliest groups on campus. From the second I attended my first meeting, I automatically felt like I had a dozen new friends. Everyone is full of life, laughter and only good vibes (not to mention the awesome parties we throw).

We are always welcoming new writers, whether it is for the long run or just for an article. We love to hear your opinions, all about your passions, and things you may have over heard in Frank this week. The best part? You don’t need to have any journalism experience. Our editors are here for you night and day.

Something you may not know about The Tab is that you do not even need to write for us – there are opportunities beyond the pen and paper. If you are interested in business or PR, there are opportunities with the marketing team. Are you an avid photographer? Great! You see it, snap a pic of it, and someone will be happy to write about it.

But if you do love writing, there are opportunities for internships within that field as well!

Writing for The Tab is fun, it is personal, and it is true. Our pieces don’t sound robotic like some others and they are far from boring – we write about what UMass students want to hear about.

Are you convinced? Click here to sign up and try it out.

So give it a shot, write an article for us, see how much you love it, and keep on writing!

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