The best places to procrastinate for finals

And the Procrastination Station didn’t even make the cut

You’re going to procrastinate, admit it. So you might as well know the best places to do it.

Blue Wall

I’m not sure what the appropriate response is to hearing “679” by Fetty Wap being played over a loud speaker in line for a burrito at 1pm on a Monday, but it’s safe to say that studying is not it.

Sit somewhere away from the windows and listen as DJ Blue Wall plays your favorite pregame playlist. By the time you’re ready to leave you’ll think it’s Friday and just assume you understand everything you’ve “learned” in finance this semester even though you didn’t even bring your finance notes.

Club or cafeteria? You decide.

Your Bed

UMass is about to be a war zone. Avoid going in public and stay away from any and all windows. Nowhere in the world is safer than your extra long twin. That Netflix isn’t going to watch itself.

Don’t have Netflix? That’s fine, 60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. You should really get started on watching. Wouldn’t want to fall behind!

This could be you.

UMass Campus Rec Center

Nevermind, get back in bed.

Inviting! Almost.

W.E.B. Du Bois Library

A recent study at a prestigious college in an exotic place found that for every 30 minutes spent studying in a library, there are 391.6 minutes of procrastination.

The library even has a café called The Procrastination Station, but it might get a little too loud in there. We need to procrastinate in peace.

Aw, they like The Tab.

The Greenhouses

Open Monday-Friday, this is the perfect place to go if you want to forget about making flashcards and pretend like you’re on a third grade field trip. Remember field trips in third grade? Running around a crowded museum was considered “learning” and the only questions your teacher asked you was “Did you have fun?”

Those were the days. I hope for your sake that your Spanish final relies as heavily on packing a lunch.

Only in Western MA.


Jeopardizing your future could have adverse health effects. So it may be worth it to finally get that cough that you’ve had for five weeks checked out.

Now that you’ve been able to move some things around and open up your schedule, go spend five hours in a waiting room just to be told to take DayQuil and get some rest. I’m sure your Calc professor will understand and give you an extension.

Trust us, they will waste (I mean use up) a LOT of your time.

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