What to watch while you Netflix and Chill

Depending on the pre-discussed intentions and consent of both you and your partner on every aspect of the evening

Now Netflix and Chill has become such a common thing, the problem of deciding on something to watch on Netflix is worse than ever.

Think about it: when you’re with that special someone that you want to chill with, do you really want to spend unnecessary amounts of time deciding what to watch? (“How ’bout this one?” “No we’ve seen that already… How ’bout that one?” “No I’m not in the mood for that.”)

Lucky for you, The Tab has put together a go-to list of movies on Netflix you can most certainly “chill” to, whatever that means to you…

The couple who actually WANTS to watch a movie

These movies are for those nights when you actually want to share a movie experience with your significant other. The movies in this section consist of dramas, visually engaging films, and down-to-earth romantic movies.

• Pulp Fiction
• Forrest Gump
• What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?
• Chef
• Big Fish
• Almost Famous
• Silver Linings Playbook

For the couple who just wants “background noise”

These Netflix choices require very little attention to understand, and provide perfect background noise for those moments when you, um, lose concentration.

Most of these are comedies or TV shows, with the exception of one (and a half?) horror movies.

• Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
• Bob’s Burger’s
• Family Guy
• Bruce Almighty
• V/H/S 2
• Scary Movie 3

When you want to impress someone and seem “artsy”

Whether it’s a first “date” or just a night when you want to show you’re special someone there’s more to you than just looks, these films take a little more effort to watch, but show that you have a much deeper side. These are a pretty equal mix of classics, thrillers, and dark comedies.

• Nightcrawler
• His Girl Friday
• The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
• 2001: A Space Odyssey
• In Bruges
• Moonrise Kingdom

For the established couple who wants to binge watch

For those who have been together for a long time, and plan to keep it that way, these TV shows are great to spend hours binge watching with your other half on those lazy Sundays after a “fun” weekend. These shows are a hodge-podge of many different genres, but every single show is DEFINITELY worth watching.

You should probably only turn them on if you plan on actually paying attention.

• Breaking Bad
• House of Cards
• Daredevil
• American Horror Story
• Arrested Development
• The Walking Dead

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