Why UMass is better than Harvard

We don’t just kick their butt in basketball

In light of tonight’s basketball game against Harvard, we needed to put a few things out there on how and why UMass is better than the ever so elite Harvard.

Lets dive right into things.

Our Food

The 2015 Princeton Review named UMass Dining #2 in the country. Harvard didn’t even make the top 30 cut. So even though we may not have the ‘prestige’ behind our name, we have the greatness behind our food.

Our Mascot

Sam the Minuteman, oh how we love you. You are a staple to our every event and sporting game. In fact, you can look for Sam tonight as he cheers on his fellow minutemen in the game against Harvard.

Harvard’s mascot, you ask? Well, we’re not really sure to be honest. Technically it is “Harvard Crimson”, so I guess that means everyone who dresses in crimson can be considered the school’s mascot.


Let’s talk money. Everyone take a minute to recognize the amazing education we are getting from UMass at the cost of it being a public, state school.

For in-state undergrads, it costs $25,674 for one year.

Harvard in comparison? You’re looking at $60,659 a year. Holy cow.

While Harvard students suffer in debt for numerous years after graduation, us UMass student will have a big smile on our face at how little we owe.

UMass is more fun

We have parties and riots big enough to break the news and make other college students wish that they went here. Can’t say you have that brand of publicity, now can you Harvard?

Amherst is a hidden gem

Everyone and their mothers can say that they have been to Cambridge, but who can say that they have experienced Amherst like we do?

Amherst has stolen the hearts of all of its students by supplying us with the cutest downtown, a number of mountains to hike, and plenty of locally run coffee and merchandise shops.

So win or lose tonight (even though we’re going to win because GO MINUTEMEN), always remember that we, UMass, are better than Harvard.

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