How to survive a long distance relationship at Zoo Mass

It’s not as hard as you might think

When I first told people I was going to UMass Amherst, their first response was “Get ready to party!” Then, when they asked if I was going to continue my relationship with my boyfriend, and I responded¬†“yes”, I usually got a sympathetic look and a “good for you.”

It got old quick, but I learned to just brush it off.

Now that I’m at the end of my first semester and still with my boyfriend who attends a university three hours away, I want to say “I told you so” to all who doubted me.

Granted, three months of long distance may not seem like a long time, but it is. I have already seen many of my high school peers’ relationships crumble and I’m happy to say mine has only gotten stronger.

Happily supporting my boyfriend (don’t kill me for wearing a different college’s shirt. GO UMASS!!)

You may want to know the secret of how it is done at a school like Zoo Mass and I will let you know what it takes.

Communication is key

Talk to each other. Be open about your plans and what happened on the weekends. Find time to FaceTime and vent about your exam you are super stressed about. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve called my boyfriend just to decompress.

Also, listen to your partner’s worries and let them know you are there, even though you may be far away.


My boyfriend knows I go to frats on the weekends, but he also knows I have self control and that I’m committed to him. In the same way, I know he goes to parties at his college and I’m totally glad we are both able to have the college experience.

Make time for each other

I have been lucky enough to see my boyfriend a few times since coming to UMass. It may not be as often as I would like, since he is a college football player and his schedule is pretty full, but I can’t complain.

There were times though where I was forced to go a month without seeing him and I have to say it was brutal. So shoutout to anyone who’s partner is over three hours away from them.

If you can’t make a trip to their college, or spend the weekend home with each other, than make time for a FaceTime date. It may sound lame, but it may add some romance back into your life. I know whenever I get to FaceTime my boyfriend it’s the highlight of my day.

FaceTime is a lifesaver.

Don’t forget to have fun

Don’t get so caught up in your relationship that you forget to enjoy yourself. There will be nights that my boyfriend and I mutually agree to not text each other, because we are too busy having fun. DO IT! You don’t want to be that person constantly texting when you are with your friends or at a party. Allow yourself to take in everything college has to offer while remaining loyal to the one you love.

Wow look! It is possible to go out and still be in a relationship!

The party scene at UMass can definitely be intimidating to some in relationships, but don’t let that break you and your partner a part. Fight for what you want and if you both want it you will have it.

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