The Mega Party just wasn’t a mega party

For what UMass has come to expect from parties, the Mega Party just didn’t meet the bill

First question: Did you get the endless notifications all week leading up to the mega party?

Second question: Did it sound super fun, and did you go?

Third and last question: Did you get the free pizza and doughnuts? Because let’s be honest, that’s the only reason any of us went and stayed.

In the same way I’m sure you were were, I was expecting a capital-R RAGER. However, what I actually got was more along the lines of an uncomfortable middle school dance. *Sigh*

All of this aside, I must admit that the Jewish Leaders in Business had a pretty smart idea behind this Mega Party. They advertised for weeks, made it sound super intriguing and like something that you didn’t want to miss out on. They then used it as a kind of promotional event.

Once you walked in to the Hillel house, you were directed down a flight of stairs, towards the “dance floor”. But, before you reached the dance floor you had to walk through a room with a dozen club tables set up advertising themselves.

Lets be honest though, if the club tables weren’t in the way of you getting to the free pizza, you never would have made it a point to go check them out.

So even though the dance floor made you feel like your pre-pubescent 13 year old self, and you didn’t actually dress in “all white” for the black-light part of it, you still had a good time stuffing your face with free food.

S/O to Antonio’s and Glazed for not letting my Tuesday night go down in the dumps.

At least I know you’re always there when I need you.

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