The real MVP of UMass hockey

Even though we have Sam, there’s a new minuteman in town

If you’ve attended any of the recent UMass hockey games, you would have noticed a new Minuteman in the stands, and I’m not talk about Sam.

Located in the front of the student section, right behind the goalie is the new MVP of the hockey games.

Hockey games here at UMass can either be dull and boring while the team loses horribly, or can be exciting, heart wrenching experiences that have you on your feet the entire time.

However, no matter what’s happening on the ice, senior Soroche Kohistani keeps the students section alive with energy. Kohistani has been dressing up about a year now, and is a history major here at UMass.

Soroche in his minuteman outfit

“It was just something that I thought about doing. And once I got all of the materials that I needed, I decided to do it. Just a way to show school spirit and also giving the crowd something fun to see.”

The Tab came across Soroche earlier in the semester at a football tailgate.

His favorite dance move?

“I just dance with the music,” he said.

Check out Soroche’s dancing at this past game below:

Be sure to look out for him at the next UMass hockey game.

Go Minutemen!

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