Living on ‘the hill’

It’s essentially the Canada of UMass

When people ask me where I live on campus and I tell them OHill, I usually get a funny look and am often asked “Don’t you hate walking up that hill?”

I’ve even been asked “Where is OHill?” People will tell you to never live there, but personally I love it.

The hill in all its glory

Now addressing the biggest concern: the hill. Yes, I do love and hate the hill.

What I love about the hill is that you don’t have to go all the way across campus to the rec center for a workout. You get a leg workout everyday just from walking up to your bed!

As we like to say in OHill, “Every day is leg day.”

The biggest con about the hill is that you have to leave ten minutes early from your dorm to make it your class on time or get really anywhere on campus. Especially when it’s snowing or raining outside, leaving your room isn’t your first choice.

Look its Southwest way off in the distance…

One of the best kept secrets about OHill is “Sweets and More”. When you don’t feel like walking down the hill for food (which happens a lot) Sweets, located in the Field lounge, has got you covered.

Sweets is open Sunday-Thursday 8pm – 12am

From handmade shakes, to fresh baked goods, to breakfast food, you don’t ever have to leave the safety of the hill for food! (Did I mention that they’re finally taking dining dollars this year?!)

The staff at Sweets are the best, and they’re constantly making up new themed shakes depending on the season or upcoming holidays.

UMass is GORGEOUS in the fall, and OHill is no exception. The view of all of the trees changing colors and the gorgeous sunsets makes it the best place to enjoy fall. If you don’t believe me, check out these photos.

You can have your towers, but I’ll take this view any day.

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