Why does UMass WiFi suck SO MUCH?

Basically no one knows

Despite the fact  we paid an extra $50 this year for WiFi, Eduroam has been more uncooperative than ever.

If it’s barely the fourth week of the semester, why is it already being so spotty? It’s less reliable than Amazon saying it will have your textbooks in on time.

The UMass Amherst Technology Information page has posted several times over the past couple of weeks that they have received the plethora of complaints and are doing their best to look into the situation and fix any problems there may be.

If they don’t know why Eduroam sucks, then who does?

Macy Fernandes, a freshman living in Kennedy Tower in Southwest, said: “The WiFi has been a very tumultuous experience because there is a woman in my hallway and she has a wireless printer and we can never get online because her printer is effing with the system.”

According to an OIT Representative, wireless printers do, in fact, affect your wireless signal if it is in range. So yes, it is OK to harass those people in your building with wireless printers.

Macy added: “Eduroam sucks, and then the wireless printer interferes with our reception and then I can never finish my homework… Then again the girl with wireless printer prints some of my papers, so.”

Students have started sacrificing precious data on their phones in order to complain about the fact they don’t have WiFi.

Like this person, who’s yakarma just went way up

Or this person, who knows to use protection

And if you’re creative enough, maybe you’ll even get a date!

Eduroam sucks so bad, people are starting to consider UMass Lowell


That extra $50 in our tuition could’ve gone towards alcohol, but here we are, trying to connect to Eduroam by turning our WiFi on and off again. Lets hope this gets fixed soon so we can all get back to what’s really important -internet procrastination.

Because let’s face it, who really wants to do homework when they could Netflix and chill?



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