A traveling group of bigots stood outside the Student Union to save our souls

‘When you stand before him all of your thoughts, words, and action will be on display for your God to see’

A group of radical Christians armed with posters and a pedestal set up outside the UMass Student Union to shout about the saving grace of God.

The group, about half a dozen middle-aged white men, took on the impossible task of saving the souls of the Zoo Animals on Tuesday afternoon.

“Turn your heart of stone into a heart of flesh!” was the ringleader’s mantra. He wore a black shirt with “Herald Society” printed in white across the front.

The group claims to have met through an online forum disbanded years ago. They come from all over, some traveling from as far as England to join the makeshift preaching tour traveling to select US cities and campuses. On Monday they spoke in Albany, and have more stops planned after Amherst.

The Tab asked one man handing out pamphlets why they had such a sense of urgency.

“You’re only guaranteed one more lung full of air,” he said in a suspiciously Scottish accent.

“If you died tomorrow do you know what would happen to your soul?”

Some students antagonized the group, adding to the spectacle. One man shouted profanities and spat at them. They called him a sinner. One woman asked how they felt about her being bisexual. They told her she could be saved.

When asked how he felt about gay marriage, he said: “I call it gay mirage. It doesn’t exist.”

Much of what they had to say had to do with sexuality and the sanctity of marriage. The group’s mission is to save people from an eternity in hell. They believe everyone is a sinner, but everyone can be saved as long as they open their heart to God.

We asked how they could be so sure there is such a thing as God, heaven, or hell.

“Just because I don’t believe in Muslim terrorists doesn’t mean I don’t see that Muslim terrorists exist.”

After being reminded that there are Christian terrorists as well:

“Alright let’s just say I don’t believe in terrorists.”


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