Jordan Peele snuck into a UCLA film class while they were watching his film

You can bet no one told him to ‘Get Out’

Reason #1283729 to study in LA: sometimes film class means meeting the literal director of the film you're watching.

On Thursday, UCLA students were in for a surprise when their professor brought in Jordan Peele to contribute to their discussion on his recent film debut, Get Out.

The class, Sunken Place: Racism, Survival, and Black Horror Aesthetic, is an upper-division course for African-American Studies that analyzes black horror films.

The professor, Tananarive Due, told Gizmodo that Get Out inspired her ton consider the impact of other black horror films, because this one "definitely has the ability to be culture-changing."

Students were, understandably, overwhelmed. The incredible success of Peele's debut has earned him much respect in not only the black film community, but in the film industry as a whole.

Not only did he answer questions about the film, but he prompted the class to think critically about its themes and applications to society.

Professor Due posted a Twitter thread chronicling the event, and plans on uploading more details about what happened and what students can take from his visit.