Leave Ariel Winter alone

She’s a queen and you can’t handle it

It's time we talk about the most iconic glo-up of all time: Ariel Winter.

We first fell in love with her as clapback queen Alex Dunphy from Modern Family, but we have since watched her blossom into the full-force icon she is today.

From award-winning talent to body positivity, Ariel Winter is the picture of class, beauty, resilience, and independence. So why can't the media just let her live?

While my girl Ariel is undoubtedly a stunner, she also has interests in political science and law and is going to UCLA to learn for the fucking sake of learning. She started school at UCLA last Thursday with the rest of us, but was rudely interrupted by paparazzi.

She deserves a medal. Instead, the media focused on objectifying her and her first day outfit, a pair of SHORTS in LOS ANGELES.

I mean, if she were spotted shooting up heroin in the toilets at the Rose Bowl, or seducing Gene Block over a homemade candlelit dinner, then fair enough. But if she's just living and being a Bruin…let her live and be a Bruin.

Some applaud her for her confidence, but it's about more than recognizing her fearless style. It's about ignoring her obvious intelligence and worth beyond her body.


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It's time we leave Ariel Winter alone.

Sincerely, everyone.