UCI’s nursing program to become its own school

Thanks to the William & Sue Gross Family Foundation

UCI students rally against tuition hike

It will be the first hike in seven years

UCI student hit by drive-by boba attack outside Trader Joe’s after finishing exam

As if finals wasn’t stressful enough

UCs announce they will fight to protect undocumented students

DACA students are not alone

UCI students and Humanities faculty members rally in solidarity for Standing Rock

They came to the flagpoles to show support with the movement

Professor petitions for UCI to become a sanctuary campus

There might be a light at the end of the tunnel for UCI Dreamers

How it feels being undocumented in Trump’s America

How I came to terms with his win

UCI to consider ‘first tuition hikes in six years’

As if 2016 wasn’t bad enough already

Controversial speaker agitates students on Ring Road tells ‘illegals to go home’

He was escorted away by police

What went down at Anteaters Dump Trump

UCI has been protesting since the results came through

Langson evacuated after reports of a fire

There was a group cry scheduled for this evening

UCI Vice Chancellor calls for tolerance after divisive election

‘Let me encourage all of us to listen to our peers’

Huge protest at UCI after Trump wins presidency

There’s a group cry at Langson at 8pm tonight

Strawberries served at UC Irvine dining hall were contaminated with ‘potential Hepatitis A’

Frozen strawberries served in the Anteatery may have had Hepatitis A

We spoke to Milo after his latest tour stop at UCI

‘The massed ranks of the lying media establishment, the rigged electoral infrastructure… they’re going to get bloody noses at this election.’

Milo defies petition to come back to UCI

But this time, there was just one protestor

If you want to ban Milo from campus, you’re no better than he is

Freedom of speech means letting people you don’t agree with have a platform

Liberals are tearing down Milo posters at UCI

On the same day the Vice Chancellor sends out an email about free speech