UCIPD arrest suspect in Langson Library thefts

They’re appealing for any witness to come forward

Remember that guy who stole your wallet last month and then used your debit card to go on a gift card shopping spree? Great news, UCIPD think they’ve caught him.

Yesterday, March 9, UCIPD arrested Joshua Kim, 23, at his residence in Irvine after having a warrant for charges of suspicion of burglary, receiving stolen property, theft by access card, and petty theft. Kim reportedly went willingly and was later booked at the Orange County Jail. As we reported last month, the man was suspected of stealing unattended wallets of students in Langson library and then using stolen cards to make purchases at local stores.

The photograph that was released to the public led to his arrest as members of the community contacted UCIPD and identified the man. The UCIPD thanked the Irvine community for helping them find Kim and end the thefts happening on campus.

UCIPD is asking anyone with more information regarding Kim and the theft to contact Detective Sgt. Chon or Detective Chiu at (949) 824-5223.

The moral of the story is remember not to leave your belongings unattended anywhere on campus and that even if you do, the Irvine community has your back! Not all heros wear capes.

UC Irvine