Fate of ASUCD budget to be decided on Friday

Corporate sponsorship of Picnic Day not the only change coming to UC Davis campus

We spoke again with Grace Scott, Chair on the Board of Directors for some new breaking information on the ASUCD budget crisis.

Grace said: “Essentially, ASUCD Budget Hearings are this upcoming Friday. To have a balanced budget, ASUCD needs to cut from every Unit’s budget, including paid student positions. Fortunately, Picnic Day is not losing any Director positions.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 10.05.44 AM

However, no funding from ASCUD will go to Picnic Day as it has for the last 102 years due to a lack of funds from a consistently mis-managed budget. Instead, all funding for ASUCD will come from either sponsors or other outside sources.

Joseph DeAngelo is the controller working with ASUCD to make cuts. We are waiting on a copy of the budget proposed.

Update to follow.

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