A racist flyer was found in multiple locations across Temple University

Temple Police are investigating and asking for students to report the flyers

UPDATE: President Englert sent an email to all Temple students with video footage of the individual who hung up the flyers.

"After reviewing video footage, police have identified a person of interest. Here are images of that individual. If you have any information about this person or any information at all about the fliers, please contact Campus Safety Services at 215-204-1234."

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On December 13, 2017, Temple student Ahmad Nixon, a freshman civil engineering major, posted a photo of a racist flyer he found outside of 1940 residence hall.

Nixon found the flyer on Tuesday around 11:30p.m. when he arrived at 1940 but decided to post the image on Wednesday.

"I was too mad to respond on the spot. A mad response is never the best response, so I waited until later that night to send it out to people and put it on Twitter tonight." Nixon said.

Nixon also hopes for the individual(s) to be found and Temple University has reached out to him of being aware of the flyers.

"I want to be mad but I know that this was the work of an ignorant individual that doesn’t even know about politics and probably doing it for the attention," Nixon said. "But I do want to make sure we find out who this person is and make sure we raise awareness that anybody with racist messages needs to keep their racist ignorant messages to themselves."

Temple University has responded, and we are told that there was more than one flyer found on campus.

Jasmine, a speech pathology major, found a flyer near Kardon apartments in the early hours of Wednesday.

"It was on a pole very high up. I am tall girl who saw it as I was walking home with two of my friends around 2am," Jasmine said. "We saw it and naturally tore it down immediately. I was going to burn it but my friend was like just throw it out, so I did across the street in a trash can. It wasn't directly in front of the Kardon entrance, it was at the second or first pole right in front of the building across from Kardon."

The Tab Temple obtained a Snapchat video of when they found the flyer.

Alexa Peavey, also spotted a flyer near Tyler School of Art on Wednesday morning. Peavey was outraged when she saw it and immediately took it down when she found it.

"I found it at the pole by the stop coming from J&H, not the one near the engineering building." Peavey said "I really hope they get caught. The person must have put them up between Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning. I can’t believe someone walked passed it and didn’t take it down."

A Temple University spokesman tells The Tab Temple, "Temple Police are investigating three posters found on campus power poles that use inflammatory language aimed at African Americans. This is disgusting, hateful and has no place on our campus. Students who find additional posters are asked to contact Campus Safety Services @TU_Police."

Temple Student Government released a statement to The Tab Temple regarding the racist flyers and their cooperation with TUPD to keep campus a safe place for all students.

“Right now more than ever it’s important to condemn acts of intolerance, racism, and bigotry more than ever. In a divisive time such as this, it is essential that our campus comes together to consistently uphold values of respect, dignity, and inclusion of one another. We will be talking with TUPD about what authorities can do in this situation, because it is our goal that all students feel safe and welcomed on this campus.”

Students are encouraged to call Campus Safety Services if any more flyers are found.

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