Jenna Burleigh suspect ‘ordered a Lyft to move her remains to his grandmother’s house,’ says police

New details about the alleged killer have emerged

UPDATE: The alleged killer of Jenna Burleigh took a Lyft to his grandmother's house after murdering her, according to police.

The former Temple student who has been arrested and charged with killing Jenna, a first year also at Temple, has made what the cops have called a “partial confession" to the crime.

Autopsy examination shows the cause of Jenna Burleigh's death was a combination of blunt force trauma and strangulation.

NBC reports Jenna Burleigh was transported inside a storage bin from Hupperterz's North Philadelphia apartment. Investigators believe she died in his apartment and then transported to his mother's home in Jenkintown. Jenna's body stayed there overnight and afterwards, Hupperterz ordered a Lyft car to transport her remains to Wayne County.


UPDATE: Police have released the mugshot of Josh Hupperterz:

Philadelphia Police Department have released this photo of Hupperterz

Philadelphia Police Department have released this photo of Hupperterz

A statement released Sunday morning by police said: “Hupperterz informed him that he had been so drunk when he left the bar he had no recollection of who he had been with."


A former Temple student has been arrested and charged for the murder of Jenna Burleigh.

Josh Hupperterz also faces charges of abusing a corpse and fabricating and tampering with evidence after her body was found in his grandmother's house. Police believe he moved her from his apartment in Philadelphia after killing her.

Jenna, who had just started her first year at Temple, had been missing since Thursday morning after a night out at Pub Webb.

Police executed a search warrant for Hupperterz's home where they found blood spattered near the kitchen sink, rear door and on a trash can lid. They also found 10 to 15 pillow-case size bags of marijuana and about $20,000 in cash, according to Hupperterz has confessed to “elements of the crime," say police.

On Saturday afternoon, investigators went to the lakefront house of Hupperterz's grandmother in Paupack Township and discovered a body. There is no word yet on how she passed away.

Police say the two had never met before Thursday morning.

What we know about Josh Hupperterz so far

From Hupperterz's MySpace account

From Hupperterz's MySpace account

Joshua Hupperterz is 29 and a former Temple student, who was last seen walking with Burleigh to his house early Thursday morning on local surveillance cameras.

According to Hupperterz's LinkedIn, he claims to be working at a restaurant in Ambler. However, a restaurant source tells The Tab that he only worked at the restaurant for a few months, and the position he listed does not exist.

For a time, he says he worked as a sales manager at LA Fitness in Jenkintown.

At Temple, Hupperterz also majored in Advertising and Risk Management with minors in Economics and Marketing from 2014-2017.

He also listed on his professional profile of being part of Temple's TKE fraternity and Ad Club. The TKE chapter at Temple is currently inactive and the national organization told us: “After researching the suspect in question, we have no record of any TKE member by that name."

From MySpace

From MySpace

Hupperterz also mentioned having attended Johnson & Wales University with a Bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts and Chef training from 2010-2012.

A search of Josh Hupperterz reveals a sparse life online – we found accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud registered in his name, but no posts on each one. And old MySpace account from 2007 is still up, showing pictures of his time before college.

More to follow.

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