BREAKING: Wawa coming to Temple’s campus

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here

It’s more than a convenience store. It’s more than a sandwich shop. It’s the best of both worlds, at once a perfect combination of quick snacks and delicious fast food sandwiches/burritos/breakfast food/et al. It’s our beloved Wawa, and now, after way too many years without one on campus, it’s coming to Temple.

That’s right, a Wawa is coming to Temple.

Early this morning Wawa’s official Twitter tweeted at the official Temple University account, saying, “Hey @TempleUniv, can’t wait to join you on campus next semester!”

Also according to Wawa’s Twitter, the new store will be taking the place of the 7/11 across Broad St. from Johnson & Hardwick. This puts the new Wawa in a prime spot for freshman who miss mom’s cooking and are starting to get sick of dining halls.

So finally, no more 3 month Wawa droughts, no more going all the way into the city for a sandwich, and no more room-temperature 7/11 taquitos. Nope, starting next semester we’ll be able to drunkenly stumble our way to a Wawa if need be.

It’s time to rejoice, Owls. We know the Owlchella announcement put everyone in a crappy mood, but hopefully this glorious, glorious news makes up for it.

Check the date.

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