There was a literal bear on Livi last night, because apparently finals aren’t stressful enough

Betsy Devos was right you guys

Last night at approximately 2:00 a.m.,Ā Rutgers sent out a university-wide text message reading “Police are investigating a bear sighting is in the area of the Quads on Livingston Campus please keep clear of the area.”

Three hours later at around 5:00 a.m., RUPD sent out another university-wide alert saying, “After a search of the area on Livingston Campus Rutgers University Police Dept deemed the area safe for normal operation.”

An RUPD spokesperson told The Tab: “There was a bear reported on Ethel road in Piscataway around 2 a.m., RUPD officers checked the area and the bear was not seen again.”

Rutgers has not yet sent out any more information about the bear sighting, but students took to Twitter with some hilarious reactions to our furry visitor.

Rutgers University