I wore a ‘Grab It’ sign and cat ears for Halloween

Luckily, no one tried to grab my lady cave

For my Halloween costume this year I found a black dress, threw on some cat ears and made a sign that read “Grab It” and placed it neatly above my vagina.

I am probably the least inventive person when it comes to dressing up, mostly for lack of trying and caring. This year, I knew I wanted to make a joke about the political election because a) it’s really hard not to and b) I’m obnoxious. Needless to say my outfit was a reference to Donald Trump’s leaked tape where you can hear him saying “When you’re a star, they let you do it..grab em’ by the pussy. You can do anything.”

After hearing the tape, I thought the concept of trying to grab a woman’s vagina in an attempt to sleep with her was awful – especially since Trump is like the human version of birth control – but it gave me the idea for a hilarious spin on it.

grab it halloween costume

The tape should have come as a shock to no one, given all the racist and sexist comments Trump has made over the course of this year. Realistically, he’s a misogynistic asshole with very little will power. Scrolling through his Twitter feed is like reading the diary of a pre-pubescent 12-year-old boy. Hillary Clinton must be the most patient human in the world for putting up with all the things he has said to and about her. I commend her for not going apoplectic on him this entire time.

A lot of Trump’s supporters say they love his unfiltered rhetoric and spontaneity, but these aren’t good qualities for a president who has to make insanely important decisions on a regular basis.

I knew dressing up in this outfit would be a kind of controversial thing to do and I didn’t want to invite any unwanted grabbing, but I was hoping my kickboxing skills would magically kick in if it came to it. I also had pepper spray in my purse just in case.

Fast forward to midnight, and I actually ended up winning a gift card to my favorite bar in a costume contest, which is like gold to me since I’m there all the time.

grab it halloween costume

A lot of the reactions to the costume were positive – people seemed to think it was funny and enjoyed the concept. I got a lot of high fives from both girls and guys. Only one strange girl grabbed my butt, but in general, I mostly got a lot of comments like “that’s hilarious” and “your costume is amazing.”

And luckily, no one grabbed my vagina.

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