About babe

babe now lives on babe.net. Read our updated manifesto here.

August 2016

babe is a movement for girls who don’t give a fuck.

Launched in May 2016 by a few editors at The Tab, it already has 800,000 fans on Facebook and 5 million monthly readers, making it one of the fastest growing women’s sites on the internet.

Put simply, babe cares about big things, about real issues which affect American and British women from college age to their mid-twenties.

Our contributors write about young women’s lives better than a lot of sites because they are young women. We don’t do patronizing trend pieces about what girls are into or which apps they are using – we just talk about normal stuff.

babe is life affirming, it’s aspirational and supportive, it’s positive. The whole of the feminist internet right now seems to be about calling people out, fighting, saying how bad everything is and minutely analyzing every phrase that comes out of men/ the media. We care about the big issues that affect women – but at the same time, babe is about celebration, not anger.

babe contributors represent that with stories that are ballsy innovative, that don’t give a fuck about what anyone will think of you for writing them.

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