Even in the midst of finals, we should be thankful for Rutgers

For starters, RU made me into a functioning adult

This time of year, it seems at least half of our conversations involve complaining about tuition, buses and every other kind of RU screw. We’re in such a rush to finish exams and papers, we rarely step back and reflect on all the good Rutgers has done for us.

So, I think we should all say “thank you” to Rutgers, the university we love.

Thank you for giving me friends


If it wasn’t for those residence life ice-breakers, overpopulated events and crowds on buses, I wouldn’t have met the people who I may be friends with for the rest of my life. They’re the reason I’m sane, safe and happy.

As I struggle my way through classes, it’s those friends who hold me together and remind me they’ll always have a box for me if the whole job thing doesn’t work out after school.

Thank you for forcing me to grow up

After spending years in high school depending on my friends for everything, Rutgers helped me transform into a mature adult – when needed, anyway.

Thanks to the open atmosphere of dining halls and student centers, I learned to eat alone without feeling like a loser. Now, I actually enjoy some quality me-time.

I learned to manage money while having a job for work-study and quickly realized every dollar really does count. Having to fend for myself while away from home, RU taught me how to dress, speak and act the part of someone who is ready for the real world.

Thank you for keeping me safe

I used to judge those friends who purchased the mini pink Target pepper sprays. That is, until the crime alerts began to flood in.

Without receiving the many alerts and emails about campus safety, I wouldn’t have taken the precautions we learned in orientation so seriously, like “the buddy system.” Rutgers’ public safety system has done an outstanding job of taking care of us. Their recent installation of more surveillance cameras shows they are trying to improve even further.

When my parents worriedly called RUPD on me, even though I was just in the library with my phone on silent, I’m glad RUPD was able to find me in less than an hour. Every alert I read makes me more thankful to be alive and well.

Thank you for giving me confidence


Thanks to the ritualistic cat-calling on party nights and creeps who always seem to be hanging around campus, I certainly never feel ugly. But my outside appearance is less important than the confidence I’ve gained in being me.

Because of our large student population and diversity on campus, I became comfortable being myself and was able to find people who like the regular ol’ me. Unlike high school, Rutgers never fails to remind us we don’t have to change or modify who we are to fit in. There’s a place for everyone.

Thank you for finding me love

No, I don’t mean a bae. I mean myself.

I’m nowhere near perfect, but I’m proud of the person I’ve become today – the person Rutgers has made me. If it wasn’t for all of these new experiences – good, bad and occasionally horrendous – I wouldn’t be me.

So, thank you Rutgers for helping me become a person I love.

Rutgers University