Rutgers vs. TCNJ: Which is THE College of New Jersey?

They’re like our cute little sibling

“The College of New Jersey” – what a cute name. But here’s the thing: Rutgers is better.

We’re five times the size and we’ve definitely got the better mascot (I’m talking to you, Roscoe the Lion), but what does TCNJ have that Rutgers could learn from?


“The College of New Jersey” (in quotes because we all know which one is really the College of New Jersey) has everything the standard university should: a gym, a huge dining hall, a Barnes & Noble and plenty of housing around campus.

The Tab visited TCNJ and snapped a few inside photos. So, let’s see how the two schools stack up against each other.



Naturally, there are¬†fewer dorms at The College of New Jersey, but there are many differences. For instance, these dorms at the “Wolfe” building have bathrooms that can only be accessed by combination. The dorms are also much higher than most Rutgers dorms, with a lot more floors.

Tuition at TCNJ is higher than Rutgers tuition, but not by much – just a few hundred dollars per semester. TCNJ’s campus is as if somebody took all the cleanest parts of Rutgers and mashed them into one campus that’s a fraction of the size.


The dining hall at TCNJ is, admittedly, pretty nice. This is especially true if you live on College Ave and eat at Brower regularly. There is a huge salad bar, a Mexican food station where you can have a custom burrito, an omelette bar, a vegetarian section, a pizzeria, a cereal bar, a bakery full of desserts, a “daily food” section filled with bagels and breads and ample seating. (Also, the dishes come in a variety of colors.)


All in all, TCNJ has some nice facilities. The campus can be described in one complimentary word: clean.

From the students to the dining halls to the sidewalks around the lecture halls, it appears to be a very nice place to reside. But the school lacks so many features Rutgers prides itself on.

Football, fat sandwiches and a diverse student body are nowhere to be seen at TCNJ’s Ewing campus. Unfortunately, these are some flaws any true Scarlet Knight cannot overlook.


So, you’re definitely not missing out by choosing to attend Rutgers, by any stretch of the imagination. If you’re ever curious to see what students at New Jersey’s other college are experiencing, you should visit TCNJ, really.

But for now, sit back, take another bite of that Fat Darrell and be proud you’re a Scarlet Knight.

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