5 great places to eat that aren’t Market

Sometimes you gotta get away from meal swipes

Let’s face it- Market isn’t the best place around Pitt to get food- I would know. Here are 5 alternatives:

Pamela’s Diner

The best place on campus to get breakfast.  Get there early though- it gets very busy very fast.  If you don’t want to sit around, you can use the NoWait app to secure your spot in line since they don’t take reservations. Panther funds are accepted!

Primanti Bros

Whether you’re going here to hang out with friends, watch the game, go on a date or anything in between, this place will not disappoint.  A meal here is cheaper than a meal swipe, and the food is better! What else could you ask for?

Aiello’s Pizza

Aiello’s serves one of the best pizzas I have had.  Located in Squirrel Hill, you’ll have to take a 61 bus out there, but it is worth it.


We all know about Panera, but it’s still a great alternative to Market.  Plus, if you go there enough, you can justify becoming a member and get discounts on their food. Gotta save money somehow!


One of the newest restaurants on Forbes.  We reviewed it a few months back, and it’s still a great place to grab some food.  While it’s a little pricey, it will leave you feeling full.

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