Keegan-Michael Key trolls Penn State’s football coach on College GameDay

‘I had two clarinet players from the band in there’

If you haven't already heard, here's the scoop — Penn State's Coach Franklin made a controversial call for a time out last weekend to prevent the already losing Georgia Tech (56-0, yikes!) from allowing their kicker to kick.

Mike Francesa called Franklin out for his lack of sportsmanship in making the call and even called Franklin a "horse's ass."

Keegan-Michael Key, a Penn State alum and noted famous comedian, weighed in on the controversy on College GameDay, impersonating Coach Franklin and claiming that he'd called the timeout because he wanted to let all the other players play…except not all those players were football players.

"I had two clarinet players from the band in there," jokes Key as Coach Franklin.

Watch the video to enjoy Keegan's impersonation:

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