Cute little old Penn State fan helps Hurricane Matthew victims

‘Why do I do it? Because I love ’em and I think they love me’

Turns out you’re never too old to be a Penn State fan or mow some lawns to help out your neighbors. Just ask this precious 98-year-old man sporting a Nittany Lions hat.

Last week, Hurricane Matthew ripped through the southeastern United States, calling for a mass need of help and aide to the area. As is the case for most natural disasters, communities are coming together to help recover and rebuild after the devastation.

While a lot of people are trying to do their part, the cutest and most impressive helper by far is 98-year-old Bill Wheeler, Penn State hat and all, of Savannah, Georgia. In a video posted by ABC News, he says, “Everyone helps each other out here. That’s it… I flew airplanes for a living, this is easy!”

“Why do I do it?” he asks. “Because I love ’em and I think they love me.”

Helping out neighbors by mowing lawns, the soon to be 99-year-old is just too cute to handle and a role model in the current hurricane relief efforts despite his age.

Wheeler goes on to say, “Young people learn from old people. I love it. I love the outdoors. The good Lord blessed me, give a little back.” Giving us, the young generation of Penn State, someone to look up to and learn from.

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