NYU still has the most sugar babies in the country

We ranked second for new sign-ups

And the reign continues.

Seeking Arrangement – the sugar baby dating website – released its annual findings of “Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools” for 2016 and, though NYU was ranked #2 in new member sign ups, the university has maintained its lead as the college with the most sugar babies in the country.

The website allows younger men and women to sign up to date older men and women in exchange for money. As tuition and living costs continued to rise, many of these ‘sugar babies’ are college students who use the network to help subsidize their ever-increasing expenses.


At the time of publication of the findings by the website, 1486 NYU students were registered with the site, up from 1,282 at the same time last year. However, this wasn’t the greatest growth in 2016, as Temple University’s sugar babies increased from 862 to 1068, a 296 student jump compared to NYU’s 244.

NYU’s continued reign on the site will come as a surprise to very few, with our notoriously high tuition and living costs causing students to seek various money-making alternatives in order to get by in the city. Regardless of the comparative growth between NYU and Temple, the fact that NYU still remains as the highest ‘sugar baby school’ surely says something about the financial strain that NYU continues to place on its students.