Confessions of an NYU sugar baby

We have more than any other college in the country, but what’s it really like being spoiled by rich men?

We all know that NYU boasts the most sugar babies compared to any other college— but have you ever wondered what it’s like to actually be one?

We caught up with Daisy*, an NYU student who has had three sugar daddies over the past five months. Some people might be grossed out by the thought of dating an older man, but Daisy argues that “dating a wealthy, sophisticated, cultured man who can spoil me was always something that I’ve wanted.”

Daisy, a freshman sugar baby at NYU.

The sugaring life can be alluring to broke college students and/or college students that want to experience a rich lifestyle. Daisy told me: “There’s a certain way that I wanted to live in Manhattan. On any given weekend, I can get drinks at the Carlyle, the Plaza, or the Palace. I could eat at places like Nobu and Gramercy Tavern.

“I get to live the life that I’ve always wanted to live.”

Daisy with some of the gifts she received from her sugar daddy

The glamorous lifestyle that comes with being a sugar baby, however, is not entirely sweet. Daisy explained: “When people think they’re paying for something, there’s a sense of entitlement. They’ll expect you to be comfortable with having sex with them upfront. You have to make sure that you can trust the person and feel safe with them.”

That being said, Daisy’s experience with her sugar daddies are not ones that she regrets. Most of her sugar daddies were found through Seeking Arrangement, a website targeted towards those interested in sugar relationships. Seeking Arrangement says a massive 1,282 NYU students are registered as sugar babies on their site, earning up to $3,000 a month.

Profile of a sugar daddy on Seeking Arrangement

Daisy says: “My first experience was with a CEO who worked in finance. We had a physical relationship for two months, but he was really flaky, but I finally put my foot down and told him that I wanted to have a concrete financial arrangement. If he’s getting a benefit out of it and he’s not taking care of me, that’s not mutually beneficial.”

But the negative experience she had with her first relationship didn’t last long. “The second guy was a CMO for a Fortune 100. I was getting $5,000 a month from him. We would go to dinner, get drinks, go to operas, and sleep together. I was only with him for a month because he got in trouble and lost his job.”

As for the sugar daddy in Daisy’s life right now, she says: “He’s a venture capitalist who is respectful and someone I can see myself having a long-term relationship with.”

She also spoke out against the stigma around sugaring. “People thinking that sugar babies are dumb girls who are superficial. There’s a lot of slut shaming involved. Men can look at you and want to have sex with you all day. If a woman turns around and looks at a man like he can spoil her, it’s horrible.”

According to Daisy, sugaring is not the same as being a prostitute or an escort. “For me it’s more about finding a partner who spoils you and can also have a genuine relationship with you rather than strictly transactional.”

*Names have been changed.