Where’s the best vegan restaurant at NYU?

Yes there’s stuff besides kale, and it’s all way better than $1 slices of dough and grease

NYU’s dining halls’ vegan options are sadly limited. Hayden can usually be counted on for something meatless and organic looking, but a person can only stomach so many squash casseroles. Plus, now we’ve returned to school from the holidays, we’ve lost the excuse of Grandma shoving us full of cookies and cakes to justify our sweater-concealed fat rolls.

So, fellow vegan NYUers, once you are desperately sick of surviving on french fries and the same old sorry salad bar (and late night Oreo binges), venture into these beautiful vegan eateries. They are waiting for you with open, aromatic arms. But which is best?

By Chloe

(185 Bleeker St, open Mon-Tue 11am-10pm, Wed-Fri 11am-11pm, Sat 10am-11pm, Sun 10am-10pm. )

This casual lunch spot is probably my favorite in all of Manhattan. The corner location, although small, boasts refreshing decor (white painted brick, plants, and hanging wicker seats) and a bountiful menu ranging from light salads and guacamole burgers, to hot entrees like mac n’ cheese and pesto pasta. For your sweet tooth, there are fresh baked cupcakes, cookies, muffins, and homemade dairy-free ice cream.

Peacefood Downtown Cafe

Peacefood Downtown Cafe

(41 E 11th St, open Mon-Sun 10am-10pm)

This cozy sit-down location is great for group dates, although I’ve definitely made solo pit stops for the bakery counter’s “Grasshopper,” made of two chocolate cookies glued together with creamy mint filling. The full menu is budget-friendly and offers something for all taste buds: pot pie, sushi, crab cakes, pasta dishes, cold sandwiches, and the famous chickpea french fries.

Two Hands
Two Hands

(164 Mott St, open Mon-Sun 8-6pm)

Look no further for Insta-worthy meals. This place is aesthetic perfection. Literally. It features acai bowls (pictured) bedazzled with nuts/seeds/berries, fruity chia seed pudding, avocado toast, and artsy lattes galore. Plus the drinks are served in Mason jar glasses. #foodporn4life

NoHo Juice Bar
NoHo Juice Bar & Deli

(208 Mercer St, open Mon-Fri 7am-9pm)

This food spot is a quick metabolism boosting walk from campus and its healthy offers are sure to rejuvenate your sugar clogged brain. The deli is unique in offering fast service, freshly made meals, and killer low prices, such as $4.95 for a burger and $2.50 for an egg and cheese bagel. The menu is extensive from breakfast omelettes and bagel sandwiches (served till 1pm) to wraps, salads, and hot wraps. The juice section allows you to mix any four fruits and veggies to create a custom drink, and also suggests popular choices such as the “All Green,” which blends kale, collards, celery, cucumber, green apple, lemon, and ginger. Although the hours aren’t super accommodating, this juice bar is definitely worth a visit.

Pie by the Pound

Pie by the Pound

(124 4th Avenue, open Mon-Sun 11am-11pm)

When cravings for MacDougal’s havens of greasy 99c slices strike, swing by this healthy alternative. You can opt for one of the parlor’s two vegan pies, the Veggie Marinara (pictured, which contains assorted veggies and sauce) and the Olive & Onion, and swap in gluten-free or whole wheat crust. Additionally, you can create your own custom pie from scratch, adding various choice toppings, including vegan Daiya cheese. The thin crispy crust and fresh veggies combine perfectly, making your pizza binge almost healthy.

So, before the grind of studying takes over and you find yourself trapped in the lower levels of Bobst, surrounded by bags of chips and Red Bull, seek out these healthy food spots and begin 2016 right. But which is best? Vote for your favourite.

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