NYC’s best dressed: Snow and slush edition

Is it Spring yet? Please?

With two feet of snow falling before the semester even started and an appearance of more seasonable cold weather, you’ll be forgiven for prioritising warmth over fashion when you choose your clothes in the morning. But these NYU students and fellow New Yorkers are showing us how it is possible to combine both warmth and style and are embracing all the fashion opportunities the weather has to offer.

Ana, Journalism and Sociology major, CAS


Lotty, Film and TV major, Tisch


Geena, Recorded Music major, Tisch


Caitlyn and Jada, both students at the New School


Claire, Canadian student

IMG_3686OK, so maybe not a New Yorker technically but she was attending a conference at the UN so she’s clearly both smart and super well-dressed. Sounds like a New Yorker to me.

Bailey, Baruch College CUNY


Katie, works in advertising sales, and Jess, works at a fragrance company


They had just wandered into our neck of the woods for the day in order to no doubt spread their stylish Bushwick wisdom.