Stop trying to make color coordination in Carter-Finley happen, it’s not going to happen

I mean, honestly, who thinks this is a good idea?

The 2nd annual Red and White for Life game is this week and frankly everyone is just confused.

True Wolfpack fans can all agree there is no feeling more satisfying than cheering on the football team in a stadium packed with red and white to display our N.C. State pride.

Actually, a Wolfpack win is probably way more satisfying … but we take what we can get. That said, what we definitely don't care about is color coordinating, so please stop trying to make it happen.

Ideally, this is what the stadium is supposed to look like on Saturday…

…but the odds of that actually working out are slim to none.

Pretty much anytime N.C. State tries to organize the alternating color scheme, it turns out to be a complete failure. I mean, come on — we can't even coordinate our clapping to the band songs, so what makes you think we can coordinate our outfits?

It's already difficult enough choosing what to wear to the football games to be comfortable in the mercurial North Carolina weather and without repeating outfits too often. Telling us what to wear is a restriction we simply cannot handle.

What about people in the white section who already wore their white jersey at last week's game? What about people in the red section whose only red shirt is long sleeve and will be too warm? What about the people who can't figure out which section they're in?

Most importantly, what about the hundreds of people who won't even check this color chart before coming to the game? We need answers.

No matter how hard State tries to make this work, it won't. It's going to be a mess. But it will be a mess of red, black and white flooding the stadium in support of our Wolfpack and that's what matters most of all!

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