Please, for the love of Russell Wilson, can the Wolfpack learn to clap on beat

It’s really not a hard skill to master

One of the best parts of a football game is the chanting and cheering in the student section. Our fight song and the Red and White song are two of the most beloved tunes of the Pack.

So when the tempo is destroyed by musically-ignorant buffoons, it breaks the heart of musicians and fans everywhere.

We look (and sound) like a pack of idiots

Nothing makes us look more pathetic than clapping at different times, thus getting offbeat and echoing parts of the Red and White song instead of ending in harmony. "Go St-Go State!"

If our goal is to seem like a put-together, intelligent university to our opponents, we should start by learning to clap together.

Look at the drum major, for the love of Russell Wilson

Here's a little insight to the world of marching band. The important-looking people that lead them out onto the field have the job of keeping everyone together on beat. If you watch them and when they wave their hands around, you can figure out the beat of whatever tune is being played.

Don't blame your inadequacies on the echo of the arena, either. Sure, it takes time for sound to travel. But somehow other stadiums around the country are capable of sounding like one entity. Surely we can accomplish this, too.

It's not a hard concept, people. FEEL IT. You have a clean slate at the next home game, don't disappoint.

North Carolina State University