Two NC State football players dismissed amid sexual assault investigation

Three other players have been suspended for drug and alcohol violations

Tuesday at 3pm a press conference was held to address the investigation concerning the dismissal and suspension of five NC State football players, in connection to a sexual assault investigation that began in late July.

Wide Receiver, Antoine Thompson, and Defensive End, Kevince Brown, were dismissed from the team. Both players came in as three-star recruits. The other three players involved, Isaiah Moore, Erin Collins and Xavier Lyas have been suspended.

These five players are currently under investigation for alcohol, drug, and sexual assault violations, according to police chief Jack Moorman.

In the press conference, police chief Moorman confirmed the location where the sexual assaults took place was in one of the football player's dorm room.

When asked how disciplinary actions were taken, Moorman said, "We provided information to Title IX…that information was provided to athletics, and then the coach made the decision to who would receive which type of discipline."


NC State football released information about five freshmen being disciplined after violating the university's code of conduct for their involvement at a party where marijuana and alcohol were present.

The investigation into the football players began after three sexual assaults were reported at the same party on July 21st, where the players were in attendance.

According to the Director of Athletics, Debbie Yow, the disciplinary actions taken were not in response to sexual assault allegations.

"We had five freshmen, two of whom have been dismissed, who made poor decisions that don’t align with the values of our program and each has been handled accordingly," Doeren said.

The night of the party in question occurred July 21st, when three separate reports of sexual assault or battery were reported. The incidents occurred between 9:30 and 11pm.

According to the incident report, one victim reported being forced into sexual intercourse after being given alcohol and an unnamed drug. Her case is being investigated as a second degree forcible rape.

Alcohol was not determined to be a factor in the other two cases, which are being investigated as second degree rape and sexual battery.

The reported assaults were committed by people known to the victims. “It was not a stranger assault,” Police Chief, Jack Moorman said. “The individuals involved do know each other.”

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