UPDATED: Three male students accused of sexual assault could still be expelled, even if no charges are filed

No suspects have been named

UPDATE [08/03/17, 11;53am]: Three male students are now under investigation after being accused of sexual assault. If no charges are filed against them, the university still plans to hold them responsible as required by Title IX regulations.

“University Police continue working tirelessly on a comprehensive criminal investigation they began immediately upon knowledge of the accusations, and the university is pursuing a separate Title IX process investigation to determine if evidence from the case could warrant student conduct code charges,” Chancellor Woodson wrote in an email to the News & Observer.

“Both investigations are being conducted as thoroughly and promptly as possible while ensuring due process and appropriate support are provided for those involved.”

Title IX is a federal law that applies to all federally funded programs and events, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, race, religion, age and other factors, which cover allegations of sexual misconduct. Sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation and sexual contact without consent are all banned in the student code of conduct, as well.

No names have been released at this time.

UPDATE [07/31/17, 3:44pm]: No arrests have been made since the allegations of sexual assault were filed against known assailants over a week ago.

Brad Bohlander, NC State PD chief communications officer said, “This is obviously a very distressing and difficult situation. University Police, in consultation with the District Attorney’s Office, are conducting a thorough investigation – that investigation is ongoing. The university’s top priorities are ensuring a complete and thorough investigation, and making certain appropriate support services are provided and due process is followed for all involved.”

Investigators are conducting interviews with potential witnesses from the apartment complex the night of the 21st.

A party was held Friday night at Wolf Village’s Timber Hall where three separate reports of sexual assault or battery were later reported. The incidents occurred between 9:30 and 11pm.

According to the incident report, one victim reported being forced into sexual intercourse after being given alcohol and an unnamed drug. Her case is being investigated as a second degree forcible rape.

Alcohol was not determined to be a factor in the other two cases, which are being investigated as second degree rape and sexual battery.

The reported assaults were committed by people known to the victims. “It was not a stranger assault,” Police Chief, Jack Moorman said. “The individuals involved do know each other.”

Moorman spoke with the press saying, “It’s unusual. I don’t recall a time in the past where we’ve had three sexual assaults at the same time.” NCSU have not made any arrests yet, but the entire investigative unit for the NCSU Police Department is on the case, according to Police Chief Jack Moorman.

The Tab will continue to update the story as it unfolds.

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