31 cases of mumps have been confirmed on campus

The number keeps on growing

The university has confirmed yet another group of cases of the mumps virus on campus.

Two weeks ago, the university announced a number of students had been taken ill with mumps, but the number has since grown significantly.

The number of students with confirmed cases of mumps currently stands at 31, 27 other students are also showing symptoms.

Over a dozen Mizzou students who have been vaccinated also caught the virus.


However due to the nature of mumps shots, even with the booster they’re only 88 percent effective, so 12 percent of those vaccinated still get it.

It seems that Mizzou students aren’t too bothered by the outbreak though, Jerry Duggan, a freshman told The Tab: “Personally, I haven’t heard much about it so far. I don’t know anyone who has it, so I feel like at this point as long as we all are cautious it’ll be fine.”

Although others are more aware of the situation. Maggie Recca, a freshman said: “I’m so glad I have my vaccination for mumps. I’m hoping everyone finds proper treatment”

The Student Center have spoken out about the situation and said they are “working with local and state public health officials to identify other possible cases” in order to stop more from occurring.

In fact mumps are so easy to spread because someone can be infected seven days before symptoms even show.

Students are urged to be careful as the virus is spread through coughing and sneezing with symptoms including a fever, aches and swollen jaw.

Mizzou: University of Missouri