JMU students protest hate speech following Trump’s inauguration

‘This is our gathering of visibility and hate is not welcomed here’

JMU Students have gathered outside Wilson Hall on the day of Trump’s inauguration to express their intolerance of hate speech.

“There was a lot of hate speech that was created after Trump’s election and our president’s office did not validate it. We are here to say that this is our gathering of visibility and hate is not welcome here,” a concerned student said.

Picture reads: “Build the wall 270 ft high”

The hate speech to which they are referring is including but not limited to the chalk displayed around campus the day after the election. The SGA’s Ad HOC Committee has been in contact with the administrative officials at JMU about these issues posed in a letter to President Alger written by Student Representative to The Board of Visitors, Adaoma Okafor and Student Body President, Matthew Mueller and a meeting is being worked out.

Through this “gathering of visibility,” students hope to demonstrate that they stand for love and will not tolerate hate speech of any kind.

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