Harvard has one of the strongest alumni networks in America

What is Stanford doing ahead of us

Harvard has just been ranked second in the States for having the strongest alumni network.

Data group Best College Values has revealed the top 50 schools for alumni network – annoyingly placing us second just behind Stanford, but pleasingly ahead of Yale.

The college rankings say:

“Alumni networks do more than help fund Alma Maters: they become a professional and personal community to aid graduates in advancement throughout the course of their lives. With this in mind, the university or college one chooses for undergraduate, and post-graduate work becomes more than only a place to garner an education.”

There are many qualities that make Harvard a unique experience and one of those qualities is our alumni association.

Although it doesn’t take much to be considered a Harvard alumni (you only have to complete a semester here to get bombarded for donation requests), you have to admit our alumni are pretty powerful.

We’ve produced eight American presidents, 52 billionaires, and 2,964 of the university’s richest alumni pull in a combine net worth of $622 billion dollars.

And of course given our school is 380 years old also helps cause that gives us a lot old money types here at the school.

So it’s no wonder we rank 2nd for having one of the most powerful alumni network especially if we get to call all of our famous dropouts alumni. Looking at you Zuckerberg.